Upcoming Charity Run on 20th of April 2024!
Upcoming Charity Run on 20th of April 2024!

Collaboration with Disted College students’ Spooktacular Fiesta 2018

Charis Hospice would like to thank the Disted College hospitality students who were able to raise RM2000 from their recent Spooktacular Fiesta 2018 held at their college in Georgetown on the 28th October, 2018.

They also managed to organize an essay writing with the title, 'My experience of going through the journey of dying with a close one', a collaboration with Charis Hospice in trying to break the taboo of talking about death & dying in our culture. The top 3 winners of the contest will have their essays featured in our upcoming 15th Anniversary Souvenir Program.

Well done, Spooktacular team!!

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