Upcoming Charity Run on 20th of April 2024!
Upcoming Charity Run on 20th of April 2024!

Basic Caregiver’s Training Module 2 – Taking Care of Someone else

The recent Basic Caregiver's Training Module 2-'Taking Care of Someone else' held on the 18th May, 2019 was attended by a small group of people but they were very interactive! The team had a wonderful time doing the training with them and we hope they will be able to put into practice the things learned.

Thank you to all our volunteers & staff who have been so faithful in carrying out this training and sharing with the participants their experience on how to take care of their love ones who need such care at home.

We will be conducting our Module 3 on 16th November, 2019 entitled "How to manage Swallowing Difficulties & Care of the Dying'. So, call 017-4514258 to find out further on EARLY BIRD Registration!

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